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FOCUS T25 Success Story – How I lost 23 pounds in 10 weeks

3 Oct

When I started FOCUS T25, I weighed in right at 250 pounds. I’ve easily weighed that much since my first year in college sometimes ballooning up a few pounds and sometimes a little less. The lowest weight I remember seeing was roughly 245 pounds even though I was “actively” running. I give actively the quotes because I would run about a mile or so once or twice a week and then give up before really getting any distance going.

Here is what I looked like prior to T25:

This is what I looked like before starting T25.

This is what I looked like before starting T25.

During T25:
FOCUS T25 is a high intensity full body workout that leaves you sweating like crazy. Here is what the T25 website says about the program, “It’s a 25-minute, full-out attack on your body, without any rest.” It’s not easy, but it is well worth it!

The one huge benefit for me was that the workouts were just 25 minutes! I found it was easy to fit the workout in during the day, after all it was only 25 minutes, I had no excuse not to workout. There are two phases to T25, Alpha and Beta. Each phase lasts 5 weeks, you workout 6 days a week, and there are different videos that you rotate through out each week. The videos all have a specific focus too, cardio, lower body or speed for example. There is even a stretching/yoga video for the off day.

Worried you can’t handle the high intensity nature of the workout? That’s ok, in the beginning I had to do the modified moves that are provided to you in the video until I had the strength to do the full moves. You will still get an amazing workout even doing the modified moves, just keep the goal for you to progress to the full moves before long.

After T25:
Through T25 I lost 23 pounds, so about 2 pounds a week for the 10 weeks I did the program. Upon finishing, I weighed less than I have in the 12 years since I left high school. Not only that, but I built muscle in my chest and my arms where I’ve previously been lacking. I feel like I have more energy, and going out for runs is much easier now. If you’re curious about how my stats changed, I’d be happy to let you know, but I won’t post them here. I’ll just leave you with the end result of T25. Here is what I look like 23 pounds later:

This is what I look like after T25.

This is what I look like after T25.

I have plans to do T25 again in the beginning of next year, after the Holidays and hope to get in even better shape. That’s right, I liked it so much that I want to do the 10 weeks AGAIN!

If you’re interested in trying FOCUS T25 yourself, I recommend my Beachbody Coach Chris. He can help you with any questions you might have and even help you get the program. Contact him here: Summers.CW@gmail.com